Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Home!

After an exhausting week traveling the world, third grade has finally returned back to the classroom. We had a great time traveling together, but are happy to be home.

The students will all have two projects for their final assessment - one in Social Studies and one in Language Arts.

The Social Studies assessment will be a map of the world. Each student will have to construct a map of the world using unique and interesting materials. Students will be bringing home an assignment sheet, as well as a rubric that Miss S. will use in grading.

The Language Arts assessment will be a scrapbook of our trip. Each student will be required to write a journal entry for each country that we traveled to. With peers, students will edit their journal entries and then put them in a scrapbook. Once the entries are in the scrapbook, students will illustrate each one. This assignment will be done in class and Miss M. will be using a rubric to grade it.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip as much as we enjoyed taking it!

Miss S. and Miss M.

Brazilian Culture

Mmm.. Mmm.. Good!

Today we pretended we were creating our own Brazilian Restaurants in Language Arts! We researched delicious Brazilian dishes and created, in groups, menu's for our restaurants. They look so great!

We also took some time to learn about Brazilian Dining Etiquette and took a short quiz, using Clickers, at the end of the lesson.

Our menu's will be uploaded onto the blog soon. Keep checking!

Ms. M

Oh, The Places They Go!

We have just taken an amazing journey through beautiful Australia! We had a great time and learned a lot about the many different animals that live on this beautiful country. We used Flickr to look at pictures of the land, the internet to research animals, and the SmartBoard to label a map of Australia placing the animals in their homes!

We learned a lot during this lesson and really had a great time using the SmartBoard. It was so much fun!!

Check back to see our labeled map in a few days!

Ms. M

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Investigating Brazil!

Hi Parents,

Today we began the end of our world countries unit and traveled to Brazil! The students all filled in maps of the country, marking special landmarks, such as the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River!

Remember: Next Tuesday students will be quizzed on this map, so please help them study!

After filling in the map, the students researched some very important information about the country of Brazil, including the population, the currency, and the languages.

Soon the students will bring home the information cards they made. The cards all have beautiful copies of the Brazilian flag on the front and lots of information on the back! It is not the easiest flag to draw either, but they all did very well!

Miss S.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Exploring Egyptian Pyramids!

Hi Parents!

To begin our lesson on Egypt, the students learned a little bit about the Pyramids. They even got to explore the Pyramids by looking at photographs online and Satellite images on Google Earth. They all really enjoyed seeing all the images. I apologize in advance if any of them ask you to visit Egypt!

After learning about the purpose of the Pyramids, the students constructed their own, using construction paper, tape, crayons, and the photos you sent in from home.

The autobiographies the students wrote in language arts will also be put into the Pyramids to truly personalize them.

The students and I decided to call them our autobiographical pyramids. Please be on the lookout for pictures of these pyramids that will soon be posted by your students onto their personal blogs.

Can't wait to visit our last country...Brazil!

Miss S.

Monday, November 23, 2009

All About Animals!

Hi Parents,

As I'm sure your student has told you, today we learned all about Australia! Most importantly, we learned all about animals in Australia! Your student spent the language arts period becoming an expert on one (or two) of about twenty different Australian animals.

After researching the animal, students created a class Wiki (similar to Wikipedia) where they wrote two paragraphs about their specific animal.
The Wiki can be viewed at the following site:
After writing and editing, the students drew a picture of their animal. The drawings were displayed as each student gave a very brief presentation about their animal. Photographs of these drawings will be posted to the blog soon!

For homework tonight the students are to read the Wiki posts of their fellow classmates. After reading the posts, they must determine which animal is their favorite and why. Students are expected to then post a blog entry (on their personal blog) explaining what their favorite Australian animal is and the reasons why it is their favorite. Those explanations must include at least three facts about the specified animal!

That is all for tonight!
Miss S.

My Autobiography

Hello All!

Today we had the chance to act like Pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian times! Pyramids were used in Ancient Egypt as tombs for Pharaohs as well as a place to keep their personal belongings. In class we created our own autobiography's, did some peer editing, and created our our pyramids to keep our autobiography's safe in. We thought of this activity as something similar to a time capsule and we plan to open our pyramids back up at the end of the year to see what we wrote!

We had such a great day exploring!

Miss M.

To learn more about Ancient Egyptian pyramids, visit